First Day of First Grade

So when you homeschool, I guess the pictures of the first day of school aren’t as exciting as when you go off to conventional school. However, we did have a very successful first day. We made it through our math review, 6 language lessons, 4 writing lessons, a science assessment, a service project, a Bible lesson, and a host of household chores. Whew! We were both worn out at the end of the school day, but in a very good way. I can already see that we are going to be able to accomplish so much in a short amount of time, which frees us up for things like service projects. Love it! Now if I can jut figure out how to keep everything organized and contained to one area of my house. Homeschooling tends to make a big mess! Suggestions?


  1. TboneEnEdieBellRaif says

    hey mary anneliese, i wonder if bell bell can remember your name? i’m going to ask her when i pick her up from art.

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