Check Out Snags!

Have you ever seen anything so cute in your life?! After several weeks of wiggling and twisting, prodding and pulling, Mary Anneliese finally lost her front teeth. They both came out on the same day! She was actually pretty excited about getting them out. She let me pull the first one. She lost the second while eating a Rice Krispies treat. She immediately wanted to know how much the Tooth Fairy leaves if you lose more than one tooth. ($3.00 – one for each tooth and one extra for losing them on the same day) Then she told me that she wished she had thought to save up all her teeth and leave them for the Tooth Fairy at one time because she really thought she would get a lot of money. My little entrepreneur is always looking for a way to make an extra buck!


  1. The Edmistons says

    Soooo cute! Will just lost his other front tooth too. They look so different don’t they?

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