Everybody told me thay would be different…

and they certainly are! I never really expected my children to be exactly the same. I just didn’t expect them to be SO different. For starters, Mary Anneliese looks like my clone and Patterson is the spitting image of her daddy. Mary Anneliese was/is as laid back and easy-going as they come. And Patterson… well, she’s just Patterson! Happy when she’s happy and NOT when she’s not.

What brings these differences to mind today, you ask? Those of you who know me might well remember my foray into making baby food for Mary Anneliese. Although it might have looked gross in the bottle, my sweet baby girl was being introduced to a bounty of healthy foods. She ate spinach, turnip greens, broccoli, beets, cabbage (plus all the predictable foods), all of which I made from scratch in my kitchen. She was and is one of the healthiest children I have ever come across. Patterson, however, much to my chagrin, will not eat ANY of my home made delectibles. Not even ONE!! She would rather starve than eat anything I have made for her. (Not likely to happen soon as seen in the attached photo.)

Thank you, God, for the differences in all of us. Without them, the world would be boring!

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