Our Miracle Treatment for Eczema

My little Pitter Pat has suffered with eczema since she was a baby. And listen, folks, I don’t use the term “suffer” lightly. It has been the biggest source of physical pain and misery she has had in her five years. Her case is especially bad in the summer, though it can flare up in any season. Though the dry air in winter does make it flare, she also has a HUGE reaction to the sunscreen, bug spray, and pool water of summer. Even the sand and salt water of the beach bring on tears of pain, itching, and burning. We have had our fair share of screaming and inconsolability over her eczema, and until now, we haven’t had much of anything with which to treat it. Lotion is okay, but any kind of fragrance only makes it worse. Hydrocortisone clears it up for the moment, but it thins the skin, only making it easier to break out the next time. We’ve tried castor oil, baby oil, Vasoline, Aquaphor, and even Aveeno’s Eczema Therapy cream. They each work in varying degrees to provide a little comfort, but nothing works log-term. As you might imagine, I have done hours of research on the internet, talking to our pediatrician, taking to other parents, and tried each of the many ideas I have gotten from them. Still no real solution.

Until the other day.

I came across the archives of an old chat board for skin issues. It was a LONG archives, but I was desperate after yet another round of tears over burning legs. One entry caught my attention because it was something I’d never tried before.

eczema 565x1024 Our Miracle Treatment for Eczema

Apple Cider Vinegar for Eczema

The commenter was singing the praises of diluted apple cider vinegar for her child’s eczema. Her story sounded familiar to us, as she’d been through the same battles we have, but she vowed that apple cider vinegar not only treated her child’s eczema, but actually CURED it. Now, I can’t say yet whether it will cure eczema completely, but after trying it, I am also singing the praises of this treatment.

Here’s the deal: Dilute about 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar with about 3 cups of water. Saturate a cotton ball with the mixture, and apply it to the affected areas. If it is a fresh spot, it’s going to BURN LIKE CRAZY, so be ready to blow on it. However, patches that are a few days old shouldn’t be so bad. Apply it in the morning and again at night. Sure, you’ll smell like vinegar for a while (not too badly), but if you’ve ever dealt with eczema, you won’t care.

Please understand that I am not a medical professional, and this little blog certainly does not give out medical advise. However, I am a mom that has had a miserable child, and I would LOVE to pass on what what worked for us to any other mom out there who has lived with the effects of eczema in their kiddos. If you’ve dealt with this problem and my remedy works for you, I sure would love to hear about it. Just leave a comment or shoot me an email to let me know.

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  1. I myself have been suffering from eczema since I can remember (32 yrs) and have yet to come across the cure. My eczema cycles for about 8 weeks with 1 week no flare up. Really not long enough to heal any of the old marks from scratching. But for 1 solid week no intense burning, itching and feeling like your skin is crawling…well you can empathize. When I was little my grandfather (a veterinarian) rubbed some ointment on my patches before I had gone to bed one night that I spent by his home and it eased my pain until the next night which by then I was on the train going home. Now I couldn’t remember what it was and my parents never asked either. Last month though I was in Fleet Farm in the animal isle and came across Dr. Naylor Udder Balm. I opened the cover and it looked the same and smelled the same as what my grandfather had used on me 30 some years ago. Bought it, used it that same night on all of my patches (that cover more then 60% of my body) and the next day no intense itching, burning, bleeding and extreme pain. I have to warn you though it does say for “animal use only” “keep from reach of children”. I rotate every third night between Dr. Naylor Udder Balm, coconut oil and homemade brown sugar scrub with extra virgin olive oil. Just this past week I had an apt with derma and he recommended me to start light therapy once a week. This might not give you any hope for cure but treatment of eczema is so diverse with each individual. I wish you and your daughter all the luck and hope for the future and I pray that she grows out of it.

    • Christine says:

      Hey Melanie,
      I use a product that sounds similar to this one for my excema. It’s called “Vermont’s Original Bag Balm”, it comes in a green tin and you can buy it at Target. It’s very greasy but it is a miracle worker for me!

    • Hi I have suffered with eczema for 27 years now since I was born tried everything under the sun as I’m sure you can imagine only now I have
      managed to get a skin specialist to see me (tbh my mum could prob do a better job prescribing me something) I have Been given the usual creams to ease the itching and burning but I am also now on the waiting list to start the light therapy again. I had it when I was about 11 years old but it didn’t really do anything hopefully now I’m older and my body has changed it will help a bit

      I am definitely going to try this diluted vinegar solution thanks for the tip I shall let you know how it goes :)


      • Ashley Mills Hill says:

        Kayleigh, I certainly do hope it helps you. It sounds as if you have had a terrible time with eczema. Try it for a few days and let me know how you do with it.

  2. I have heard of this also, but haven’t tried it consistently. My daughter who struggles with eczema is 5 also, and has struggled off and on since she was a baby. Probably about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago, I decided to try the hazelwood necklaces from http://www.hazelaid.com, and they have made a world of difference for her! She wears them constantly and I usually have to buy a new one about once a year. Many types of eczema are caused by too much acid in the body and the hazelwood on this necklace absorbs acid from the body. It took a few weeks of wearing the necklace to start working, but my daughter has only had probably two mild breakouts since then, and I think it was when a necklace started to lose it’s effectiveness and needed to be replaced.

    I imagine that is why the apple cider vinegar works also, since it balances the acidity of the body. So glad you have found something to help your daughter. I will keep it in my file for future use also! Thanks for sharing!

  3. My daughter has always suffered, as you are describing. Last year I bought a grain mill and now I mill all of our flour and make all of our bread products (loaf bread, rolls, tortillas, etc) and that cured it within 48 hours. Nearly a year of NO excema at all!

  4. I will have to try this! Crabtree & Evelyn gardeners cream works amazing you should try it!

  5. I will try this right away, thank you for sharing. I find coconut oil helps too, of course only for the day, but it does feel better for that time. Thanks again.

  6. Carolyn says:

    I tried your suggestion and it worked! THANK YOU! Was so nice to be at work and not itching. I’ve passed this info onto everyone I could. Anyone who suffers from Eczema should know about this simple cheap treatment. Bye bye steroid ointment.

    • thehillhangout says:

      So happy for you, Carolyn!

      • For how long is this mixture usable or do I need to make a fresh one every time? Thanks for this tip I just started using it on my daughter!

        • thehillhangout says:

          I don’t know how long it will last, but we use it until it’s gone. No need to make a fresh solution every time.

          • I would love to get your input on this! My daughter will be 2 next month, and has all of a sudden broke out with eczema on both butt cheeks. It is a horrible place to have it, with her diaper rubbing all the time. We have been to numerous doctors, tried a ton of steroid creams, and even antibiotics….and nothing has worked. Do you thing this vinegar would be okay to try on her bottom? I would love to give it a try and for it to work!! Thanks!

          • thehillhangout says:

            Jesse, I am a mom and not a doctor. I can’t give you medical advice. However, if it was my child, I would stop the steroid creams, as they thin the skin and make it easier for rashes to break out. I would also try the apple cider vinegar trick – just make sure you dilute with water enough that it doesn’t burn. That’s a bad place to feel the burn. Let me know how it works.

          • Please ask your doctor about this, but my baby got what I thought was a diaper rash and it turned out to be yeast. The doctor gave me a cream for it and it disappeared in 3 days. The cream will not hurt the baby so it is worth a try even if the doctor is not certain. Do not use cortisone on the baby.

  7. I have suffered from eczema for the longest time. And when you say “suffering”, believe me I UNDESTAND. I am 21 years old and am so self conscious because of this annoying condition. I have tried everything like you said and yes they all work some degree. The only thing that has worked for me is prednisone, which is a prescribed steroid! It is awful for your bones and causes them to break down. I am only prescribed it when my eczema is at it’s worse…which sadly happens too often ( i think). So, with that being said I am SOOOO excited to try this and am praying on all the lucky stars it works. Just the other day a girl in class asked me if it was contagious ( how rude) and I wanted to scream. Finally someone understands this pain, even if i’ll never meet you! Thank you thank you thank you. Hope it works for me!

    • thehillhangout says:

      I pray that it works well for you. It has been great for us.

    • I am 22 and have also suffered from severe eczema since I was very young, primarily on my legs and hands. I too am very self conscious about it and struggle to find alternatives to wearing shorts on hot summer days. I will certainly try this remedy and thank you both for sharing. It is nice to know that I am not alone although I often feel like it. Also, I must recommend a gluten-free diet. I was told 8 years ago that what I believed had always been “sever eczema” was actually dermatitis herpetiformus…pretty much an allergic reaction to gluten. Going gluten-free has cleared up about 50% of my eczema, although it is definitely not gone (possible due to false gluten-free labels and poor food regulations, my skin conditions have always been the best whilst abroad). I would still recommend going gluten free to anyone with eczema but will try this remedy for what is still leaving me hiding beneath my jeans in the summertime. Praying for healing. Thanks again for sharing :)

      • I am 23 and is suspecting that I have an Eczema as well, I have consulted a doctor but they say I have some sort of allergy (whatever) but my suspicion is getting stronger. I’ve been reading blogs and websites about skin diseases and I am positive with all the signs and symptoms of Eczema. Actually right now I have flares (I believe) and the feeling is awful. My condition started when I used stockings, I was then 16 years old after that the so called flares kept on coming back. My flares are worst when its cold as my skin becomes too dry. I lost confidence with myself as well and my condition is really frustrating. It’s silly how other people laughs at those who have Eczema, as if the sufferer really asked for it. I’ll be seeking another doctor for second opinion. I would like to know what you think about drinking a diluted ACV in water? I have read about that too.

        • Ashley Mills Hill says:

          I haven’t given my daughter ACV to drink, but I have done it myself. I don’t have eczema, so I cannot comment on its efficacy for treating it, but I do believe that it has many health benefits. I try to use ACV in cooking (especially salad dressings) as often as I can. Hope it helps you.

  8. Kindy Fitzwater says:

    My Seven year old has has excema since he was a baby so I have tried EVERYTHING. We have tried all the oils and creams suggested by docs, and nothing helps. About a year ago my mother in law was babysitting and tried some stuff called bee bar she used in her cracked feet. It worked better than anything (even steroid creams). I order it online from honey house naturals. It’s a bar u rub on the affected area so its easy, and its completely natural! I’m going to try the apple cider vinegar also. Seems like it may help a lot with the itching. Good luck!!

  9. My 7 month old has had eczema for a couple months. After trying all the creams under the sun I decided to cut things out of my diet (since I’m breast feeding) dairy, gluten and eggs specifically. After 4 days the eczema was almost gone!!! I was shocked. I don’t know yet which of the foods is the culprit but it might be both the dairy and gluten. I also started drinking ACV daily. I highly suggest trying diet change.

  10. (also not a doctor, “just” a mom also of an allergic kid) This sounds more like treating yeast, and maybe stripping the skin of the soaps and oils that have landed on her skin, trapping the allergens in her own oils. An excematic child is prone to yeast and bacterial infections, which makes it hard to heal from a flare up even when the allergen is no longer on the skin. Vinegar sounds like it 1) eliminates the allergen 2) eliminates the yeasts/bacteria that are growing on the damaged spots, and 3) heals the skin to build resistance against those yeasts etc.. Sounds like apple cider is a great solution, if your child is willing to go through the stinging pain, I wonder if the cider would be therapeutic enough at an even lower amount per cup of water? There were some creams that my son would scream when we put it on. So we basically did antibacterial ointment which did not sting, and after a couple days, the mometasone or triamsinolone would not burn so much…wonder if he would endure the cider better esp if we diluted it more at first until it wasn’t so stingy…food for thought! thank you!

  11. I also suffered terribly with eczema for years. My dermatologists through the years gave me creams and ointments, but it never really went away until one day when I was in my early 30s I was treated with a steroid pack for poison ivy. Like a miracle, not only the poison ivy went away, but all traces of the eczema. The great part is I am in my mid fifties now and it has never returned!

  12. My fiancée has had horrible eczema all his life, and he’s had that same problem with lotions working for a quick fix, but not long term. I’ll definitely be telling him about this so he can give it a shot. :)

  13. My son has had eczema since he was 6 weeks old and he is now 3. His eczema is from the top of his head down to his toes. I also have tried all kinds of different creams/lotions and soaps and nothing had worked. I was told about hazelwood necklaces so I bought one for him and one for his little sister who also has eczema. I have noticed great improvement in both of them and he even says his owies are gone! They have only had their necklaces for two weeks

  14. Just started trying this, did you use lotion afterwards or no?

  15. I am 23 years old and have had eczema my whole life. I find that when the eczema gets weepy (wet) it is a yeast over growth. Apple cider does work, it also works great for dandruff. ( one gallon of water, two cups apple cider vinegar. rinse hair in solution and you will see how much dandruff loosens up and sinks to the bottom)
    I will be trying to take probiotics to help balance the yeast growth on my skin. Coconut oil is also a great source to kill yeast overgrowth. Thanks for the post!

  16. I just tried your tip on my 2 year old daughter. She has eczema ever since she was able to eat more solid foods. Ive heard great things from people who use probiotic powder, omega 3 oil and stay away from gluten or wheat. Its been very hard for me to stay away from wheat though as i find its in alot of foods and my daughter loves her bread! I think im going to try gluten free breads and try to stay away from wheat products though. My daughter used to suffer from dry itchy red eyes recently for the past few months. My cousins daughter suffered from the same thing and it went away within in a WEEK of changing our laundry detergent. We use Tide Free and Gentle now and i cant believe how amazing her eyes look now! Never would have thought it was her detergent but glad we found out. God bless everyone. I hope we can all find a cure!

  17. Speakaboo says:

    I’ve been trying this, but didn’t realize you were supposed to dilute it (duh!) so the eczema totally scaled over and is now dry and patchy and make-up resistant. I look terrible!

    One thing that’s always worked well for me in the past is lanolin. You can buy Lanisoh brand, which is marketed as a nipple cream for nursing mothers. Warning – it is messy and sticky. This is definitely a bedtime ritual, unless you don’t mind going out with a sheen on your face! Anytime I’ve used it in the past, it clears everything up within a week. I picked some up to combat the dryness after the apple cider vinegar mishap. I slather it onto the spots at night, and they are MUCH calmer by morning.

    I think the ACV works well to “kill” the eczema patch, and the lanolin works really well for clearing up the burning, itchy dryness afterwards, and does NOT sting at all!

    • There’s nothing wrong with using undiluted ACV. The only reason to dilute it is to reduce the stinging, but that also reduces the speed at which it works. More stinging = faster healing, in my experience. The ‘scaled over’ is like scabbing, it’s part of the healing process if your eczema was bad/deep/raw enough to need it.

      • PS: I also lightly use undiluted ACV for itch relief on other areas of skin that are just itchy, with no eczema-broken skin, and it is actually a bit moisturizing there (and doesn’t sting at all).

  18. Interesting. Both of my boys suffer from it, the way it sounds your daughter does. We’ve been using the eucerin and hydrocortisone for really bad flare ups. Like you said, it isn’t a long lasting fix. We have learned that if we apply the eucerin right after they have a warm bath, it works the best for the next 24 hours, because their skin is more absorbent. So, have you noticed if you apply the vinegar after a warm bath it is more effective? I might have to try this out! A miracle would be great! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • thehillhangout says:

      Hi, Kelli! Yes, we always apply our Aveeno cream right after a warm bath, as the bath itself seems to be a trigger for my daughter. I apply the ACV first and then the Aveeno. However, I apply the ACV at other times as well, and it seems to be just as effective.

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    It may help prevent flair ups :)

  20. Jane Muringe says:

    my son hs eczema on his face since last yr. he hs patches on his face which really make him miserable. he scratces himself most of the time. i am going to try the apple cider vinegar for it. thank u for sharing your experience with me. i hope it will help my son too.

  21. Tiffany koester says:

    Was just wondering how long did it take using this before you saw results or any clearing up of the eczema or any relief? I’ve tried it on my 3 yr old but it seems to be drying it up and making it worse. Just wondering if that was common. If you could email me back that would be great. Thank you

  22. Hi there

    May I know if it’s ok to use the acv on weeping areas? Also how long do I need to use it before I see results? Ive a 3 month baby with weeping eczema. Thank you

    • thehillhangout says:

      Dear Yn, as I am not a medical professional, I really don’t feel qualified to give you advice on a baby so young. I would advise you to ask your pediatrician if you should try it. Thank you!

    • I try to use ACV as soon as possible on my own bad eczema when a patch opens up, even if it’s still weeping at the time, as I’ve found that the sooner the vinegar gets in there, the faster the healing. But the more raw and weeping it is, the more the vinegar will sting. I apply it undiluted with a q-tip or cotton ball, and it can reeeally sting on the first one or two applications, but then the hypersensitivity is gone and subsequent applications on that area barely sting at all. A couple times a day of this for 2-3 days is usually enough for me to get a patch on the path to healing. The more you dilute it, the less uncomfortable it will be for your baby, but the more treatments/time it will take.

  23. Thank you for posting this great eczema cure! I suffer from this in the summer mostly and this will be a great help!

  24. I’ve heard of this before, and I’m willing to try it but Im TERRIFIED of the burning sensation that it’s going to give me :(.
    My severe eczema is on my face, and it’s extremley painful. Is it alright if I apply it still? And how much is it going to burn for? – as in minutes-

    • I did try this and it really helped IMMEDIATELY with itch relief. As well I noticed a difference so quickly…the next morning the redness and inflammation was greatly reduced. I too have it all over my face, and even though it did sting, it was SO WORTH IT for the relief. And each time I apply it, it stings less.
      Good luck!

    • For me, the stinging was welcome as the itching was driving me nuts. It stings for a minute or two then goes away.

  25. I came across your post on pinterest (go figure!) and was eager to try some home remedies for eczema! I’m 24 and have had eczema for as long as I can remember! My ENT used to give me a steriod cream that was supposed to suffice for all areas (around the ears, neck, arms and stomach) but it was a one day cure then it was back the next day and it even caused to the come back worse than it was before! I’m excited to try out this remedy!

    I just wanted to share some things I’ve been doing that have helped me: (Note that I am no medical professional, just a girl with experiences that she’d like to share!)

    A year ago I went to a dermatologist for the first time and he turned my way of life upside-down! I went from having the one medication to three different ones for different areas of skin (different thickness of the skin granted a different medication) and this cleared up my eczema in a week, but it didn’t cure it. My dermatologist told me to not ever use any soap other than the basic Dove bar and that I was to wash my face with this soap as well (I use a Clairsonic with an acne or sensitive brush head and scrub the bar of soap on it to clean my face and my hormonal acne even cleared up from doing this step!). He took away my bath loufa and told me to use a soft bath cloth to bathe with because the mesh of the loufa will irritate the skin even more and I no longer take hot showers; I take lukewarm showers because the heat can cause inflamtion as well. It was even suggested, that if I could stand it, to take a shower every other day so my skin will learn to not rely on the chemicals from soap and such to remain healthy. He even changed my make-up routine! I no longer use washing detergent with fragrance in it; I’ll use the free-and-clear brands or Borax.

    But the biggest and most effective change was the change in moisturzing. You can medically treat eczema all day but the key to upkeep is moisture. I have found that I can skip a few days of applying medications if I keep moisturized. The lotionmy dermatologist told me to use Aquaphor by Eucerin that comes the tub. It has the consitency of vaseline but doesn’t stain like vasaline (my dermatologist took some and smeared it on his nice button down shirt and he promised it wouldn’t stain haha!) and is very moisturizng and I also use the the Eucerin smoothing repair lotion for my hands throughout the day. This brand has no fragrence added to it. I believe this lotion is invincible! Nothing breaks it down off the skin causing you to have to reapply throughout the day. I have lathered up one morning after a shower and gone to work and been out and about after work and the next morning I will still feel moisturized. I have found that the lotion not only helps with moisturzing but it helps with the itching.

    Dry skin is genetic in my family. I have a cousin who recently went gluten-free and she has noticed a significant improvement in her dry skin. She doesn’t have eczema, just extremely dry skin (like hands and feet). So that’s my next step to get some relief!

  26. I am very happy I found this recipe. The ACV not only has helped my eczema but also my skin in general. I use it on breakouts and it really does make a difference.

    Since you shared I will also share, I had been visiting a derm for a few years using multiple ointments/creams/etc and my skin kept getting worse. To the point I was getting infections on my feet from the open, weeping, cracking skin. Finally, I just had enough, stopped going to the derm and started treating myself. I use Neutrogena Fragrance-Free hand lotion. It is cheap around $3.50, thick, doesn’t have a lot of ingredients and it just works. Between that and the ACV mixture I have pretty decent skin. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Listen folks, not everyone should exfoliate with anything (natural or not) My daughter has severe eczema, and I mean severe, all over her body, head, face, etc. Exfoliating can set it off and make it far worse, think about it- you’re not suppose to scratch, and many times exfoliating can lead to infection. For my daughter the only cream she can use is Glaxal Base Cream because it is the base all creams, ointmets are made from so there is nothing added. It is the only thing that isn’t burning her skin. She has had it since birth, she is 16 now. If it gets so bad that its raw, weeping, tight, hot- get your child or yourself to the doctor (preferably a dermatologist) do not put it off. My daughter ended up having a bacteria infection all over her skin, sometimes you need antibiotics. It’s a struggle many severe eczema sufferers know well. And diet does count, limit sugar intake, drink a lot of water.

    • Ashley Mills Hill says:

      Kat, it sounds as if your daughter’s case is miserable. I’m sorry she has to deal with that. I want to make it clear that ACV does not exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation would, of course, remove skin cells and thereby expose more of the raw area. The ACV does not remove skin cells.

  28. Hi,

    For how many days did you do the apple cider vinegar therapy until your little one was cured.any specific brand of apple cider vinegar do you recommend.Do reply please.

    • Ashley Mills Hill says:

      My daughter’s eczema spots were cleared up within a out 3-4 days. I have used various brands of ACC, mostly Heinz. Hope this helps.

  29. Thank you for this information! Although I found a few culprits that caused my misery, I will occasionally use a soap ( just one time) that will cause a break out that will usually take a few weeks to completely eliminate. I will try your method!

    This may not help all of you, but it may be a source for a few – just want to share:
    After a few years of trying different creams prescribed by dermatologists (usually helped, but didn’t stop the new flare-ups), my mother’s hair stylist provided her with information about soaps and shampoos. This has made a HUGE difference – avoid soaps and shampoos with sodium laureth sulfate. Those with ammonium laureth sulfate are better.

    For me, public bathroom soap is the worst, along with Clairol Essence, Irish Spring, Dial, Dove, and the wonderful smelling specialty shop soaps. I can usually feel the problem beginning before I dry my hands or skin. I use Ivory and Pantene, which are much milder. I take my own soap when traveling.

  30. Our 3 1/2 year old little boy has been suffering from extreme eczema out breaks since he was a baby. We did the allergy blood test on him and he was allergic to pretty much everything except cod fish. We’ve eliminated peanuts, carrots, corn, eggs, tomatoes and chicken from his diet. He’s been on prednisone and also the steroid cream and while these work while he’s using them the eczema just seems to come back. We’re now trying the ACV. We’re dabbing the 50/50 solution on a cotton ball and rubbing it on the affected areas. However, how long do we need to leave the ACV on the affected areas? We’re on day two of this test and trying anything at this point.

  31. Shannon H says:

    My youngest peanut is only 9 months old and has been suffering since she was about 3 months old. I’ve never felt so helpless as a parent … Our ped wouldn’t do a allergy test, and won’t prescribe anything because they are hoping she grows out of it :( every time I find something new, it works, I get excited and think I’ve finally found our salvation … Only to have it come right back. My poor baby is covered in this, itches constantly, and can hardly have a moments relief. The one minor victory we have had is that the severity of her rash was greatly reduced when we switched detergents; it’s by no means healed, but at least now she doesn’t have oozing and bleeding …

    I’m praying this (and some of the other ideas I’ve read here) works… I’m nervous because of her age, so if anyone has any recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated :)

    • Ashley Mills Hill says:

      Shannon, poor little peanut! I hope it helps. My only advice is dilute, dilute, dilute until you know it’s not going to sting her little body. It might take a day or two longer to heal, but I’d hate for her to have her skin burning. Let us know how it goes.

    • Shannon, we dealt with the same thing… We use a company called Melaleuca. They have all the necessities to heal her skin! My youngest son and I had the same problem. We switched our Bath & Body & Laundry line. They have a very thin, unscented lotion called Renew. It’s also very affordable versus store brands or prescriptions. It is also natural, so you are not as likely to get the allergic reaction that you would with store brands. Even if they say “natural” , it doesn’t require much to slap that label on a product! My son also has a skin disorder called Dermagraphia. He deals with quite a bit of discomfort but the switch has made a huge difference and when he does have flare ups, it’s nothing the Renew lotion can’t handle. I’d be happy to pass the info along to you or answer any questions you might have! It’s been a long road for us but thankfully we’ve found our relief!! My name is Jennifer “Swift” Whatley and my email is glenjennwhatley@yahoo.com. You could also find me on facebook! Good luck with the struggle. I really hope you find him some relief soon!

      • Yes, Melaleuca is tea tree oil products. Tea tree oil kills yeast and bacteria very effectively when applied to an infected area. A combination of organic apple cider vinegar (with mother) diluted 2 to 1 with distilled water and about 12 drops of tea tree oil (purchased at a health food store, like Whole Foods) will work wonders on flare ups. Unfortunately, this is a curative action – truly the preventative action of changing the diet to eliminate all gluten and sugar is the KEY to ensuring no future breakouts.

  32. I used this idea that my mother gave me. At first I thought it was a dumb idea but out of desperation I put it on my scalp and low and behold it toped he itching and got rid of the flakes!!!

  33. I have serious eczema on my right hand. It really affects my daily life since I am a right-handed person! I am a teacher but sometimes I can’t even write because of eczema! I am now using coconut oil to cure my eczema, but no luck! I am really curious about the amazing treatment of ACV and have decided to try it! How much ACV should I put on my hand? Have you put on some hand cream for your daughter after using ACV? Thank you so much for your help!

  34. Tammi Cruz says:

    Facial eczema is the worst! Try Made from Earth’s Three Berry Face Serum. I used to have it all over my face, and its the only face serum that when i applied it would take away the eczema. . .face saver

  35. Rhonda Hallstrom says:

    Like u we have tried it all and spent thousands on treatments to no luck. How long did u do this treatment and has it lasted or does it come back. Thx for your help.

    • Ashley Mills Hill says:

      Rhonda, we used it for three or four days. It will occasionally come back and we retreat it the same way. Over time it has become less and less severe.

  36. Hi, I have used the ACV unduly toted and it presented peace and tranquility to my face. I have also mixed tea tree oil with sweet almond oil which has also worked perfectly applying as much as needed.

  37. Sakinah Carter says:

    My daughter has it from her neck down to her toes, and in her scalp. Like you, we’ve tried EVERYTHING. I’ve tried putting some ACV in her bath water, but I don’t think that I put enough in there. I don’t want to burn her eyes. I had one dermatologist tell me she just didn’t know what to do anymore. My current dermatologist is just retrying stuff that’s already been rejected by her skin. Summer is coming and I MUST do something. Will be trying this as soon as i get home. Thanks. God bless.

  38. I too have suffered for most of my life with eczema. Mine being Dyshidrosis Eczema ( blisters on the hands) , I have never tried apple cider vinegar but will for sure the next time I have a break out. I have recently discovered that wheat or Gluten was the main cause of my eczema along with detergents & acidic foods. My most favorite moisturizer to use is Mineral Oil, just good old mineral oil. It is odorless, tasteless, and all natural.
    Just thought I would share, Thanks.

  39. While I do not have eczema, I do have some skin irritations. So, I started taking It Works Greens – Berry flavor. I have noticed a great improvement. One of my family members does have eczema and has noticed an improvement after taking this also. It is an all natural supplement you add to water, juice or ice tea. It is supposed to alkalize, balance and detoxify. Will add the ACV topically and bet we will feel lots better by alkalizing inside and out.

  40. I have it too and discovered in high school that it was from an allergic reaction to dairy! I still consume some but try to limit it and it’s almost gone completely except for a couple mild flare ups throughout the year! Just my experience though and I know everyone’s situation is different but might be worth investigating!

  41. Can’t wait to try this on my hands, they are cracked and itchy right now. Thanks so much for posting it!

    Also, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book is a good resource for healing the skin by healing the gut.

  42. Barbara Pena says:

    Hello… I am a mom of 4 months old baby and the baby Has ezcema too. I am trying This apple vinagret too but that makes his skin dry So my question is What did You use as a moistarizer after the apple vinagret. Thank You

  43. Becki Kremer says:

    I suffer and I really mean suffer from ezcema since I was born. I’m going to be 27 soon and could use a miracle. I break out in a lot of places, and can tolerate it, but it hate when my face breaks out. I’m really hoping this works for me because I’m the type of person to try homemade solutions over prescribed creams and ointments. Thank you so much for posting this, and I can’t wait to try it!

  44. My daughter also has eczema and something we just discovered works very well and is natural. Its a herb salve made from Arnica. I purchase it at a place called Medicine Man in Cherokee, NC.

  45. Michelle, RN says:

    A few of you have described problems with wearing diapers/ briefs- when my babies were little, the dr told me to wash their bottoms with summers eve feminine wash after every bm and with each shower- it helps restore the oh balance and decreases the skin issues. I appreciate this info on apple cider vinegar as I have family members and patients with eczema- good luck!

  46. Hi, I’ve just read this article as I have tried many things to help with my eczema. I’ve grown up with it and still have it at the age of 20. I will defiantly give the apple cider vinegar a try! I was wondering, how long did you use the apple cider vinegar on your daughter for it to start making a difference and eventually clear up?

  47. How many times a day do you do this and how long do you soak it for? Or do you just spray it? How many times a day did you spray?

    Plz let me know. this ezcema is driving me nuts on my baby. Plz email me as i doubt I will not be back to this page. Thanks

  48. When you apply the ACV for the second time in the day, do you rinse/cleanse the area first since you applied moisturizer the first time?

    Pls reply or email, I’m desperate!

  49. When you apply the ACV for the second time in the day, do you rinse/cleanse the area first since you applied moisturizer the first time?

    Pls reply or email, I’m desperate!

  50. I was wondering if after applying the ACV you wash it off before applying the moisturizer or you leave it in and then apply the moisturizer. Also does it get really red the first couple of Times You Use ACV before it starts getting better?


  51. I had a patch of eczema on my right forefinger recently. Suddenly, one day I noticed it was gone. The only thing I can attribute its disappearance to is an acv tonic I periodically drink. Actually, I hadn’t taken it in awhile. And, the little patch had been on my finger for maybe a month. So, when I decided to finish off my bottle of unfiltered acv –it was not with the idea of treating the patch. I just wanted to finish off a bottle of vinegar that had been setting around for some time. The finger is now smooth in texture with no roughness. The only other thing that may possibly be responsible for my finger’s improvement is Badger face oil which does incredible things for healing skin in general and the face in particular. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. And, I do typically rub the excess all over my hands once I’ve finished applying it to my face.

  52. I’ve had eczema since I was two and have been battling it for 24 years. In the past month I started taking a multi vitamin, fish oil and I drink 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar( I use Bragg’s organic) with 1-2 teaspoons of honey that’s been diluted in about a cup of water (you can add more water) two to three times a day(drink it with a straw) I actually have skin now! No scabs, no raised blotchy red spots and limited itching! If I get really upset I will scratch but otherwise I feel great! I know it might be tough to get your little one to drink it but it’s helped me so maybe it’s worth a shot? Good luck!

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