The Jeans Have It!

I’ve had a little cold and spent yesterday in bed, which I can’t say I minded because, a whole day to spend on Pinterest? Yes, please. My new favorite interests are the fall fashion popping up everywhere. I love boots and jeans and sweaters, and the weather being cool enough to layer tops. It’s a smidge hard to pull that off when it’s 103 in the shade.

Anyhoo, here are a few cute ensembles I’ve found.

Yep, I’d say it’s all about the jeans, boots (or flats) and sweaters/wraps this fall. And accessories are BIG. Can’t wait to try to put together some of these looks!


  1. Judayne Green says

    I really love your style of fall outfits. They give me an idea of how to put different colors together:-)

  2. i love all of these ensembles! Thanks for sharing them. My favourite is the peach cardigan, grey top, jeans & pearl bracelet. Do you know which store this was from?
    Thanks a lot

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      Thanks, Shirley. Unfortunately, I wrote this post in 2011. I can’t remember sources at this point, and the items would not be available anyway. Thanks for reading.

  3. Just wish I knew where to find these clothes!

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      Hi, Debbie. Thanks for reading. Unfortunately, this post is now four years old and none of the items are still available.

  4. I really love your style ….thanks

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